Table of Contents

1 Services I don’t use

1.1 Wiki

Requires separate account & credentials, instead of just using LDAP. It’s also dated an univiting (yes, I’m fickle). Wheel docs are just nice for me IMO.

1.2 Email

Doesn’t work with my mail client, as a result I check SOGo about once a week. Yes it’s bad, but until it works —realistically— this is how it will be. SOGo is a bit slow, and Roundcube doesn’t look to great (am I shallow? maybe). If you do want to contact me, try:

  1. Discord
  2. Email me at
print(f"{'ssuurruuaassoocceett'[::-2]}@{['gmail','hotmail','dogemail','protonmail'][int(1 + (0.1-(0.3-0.2)*10))]}.com")

(scrape that bots!)

1.3 Dispense (kinda)

Used twice (one check-it-works snack, and 2020 membership). Other than that I just haven’t found myself using it. Seems to have a nice ncurses ui though.

2 (for comparison) Services I do use

2.1 Discord server

It’s great, for many reasons.

2.2 VM Hosting

2nd best part of UCC in my opinion. (1st is cheesy)

2.3 Gitlab

Because I do UCC related coding

Author: Timothy

Created: 2020-01-29 Wed 21:50