Hello UCCans new and old,

Rejoice! For a new year of events is upon us, and you are part of this club. I am proud to present the first two events in our lineup for this year.

🎉 The Fresher Welcome

4pm, this Tuesday the 3rd March

Free 🍕 for new members 😋, and featuring a ‘Get the most out of UCC’ tech talk at 5:30pm.

  • Just joined the club and hyped for this year? You’re missing out if you don’t turn up! (I hear we’ll finally have the 2020 UCC guide)
  • Just joined the club and not sure if it’s for you? Come to the fresher welcome and find out!
  • A long time member, you basically know what’s going on? Share the joy! Tell the freshers what’s great about the club.
  • This email isn’t to you, a friend’s just showing it to you? Come along anyway!

TLDR; Come to the fresher welcome no matter who what when where or why you are!

🗳 The AGM

5:30pm, next Tuesday the 10th March

Want UCC to have a functioning committee? Come vote. Better yet, put yourself up for a position (and then actually do stuff).

See you there, Timothy — VP

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