Hello all!

I am UCC’s newly-elected president for 2021, and I have a few things I’d like to talk to you about.

Firstly, to all new members — welcome! I hope you’ll explore what UCC has to offer, and don’t hesitate to pop by our clubroom. To members who joined last year, I invite you to re-engage the club now that we actually have an open clubroom and can run events normally.

While the clubroom is great, we also have a thriving online community. If you haven’t already please join the discord for idle tech chat, troubleshooting help, committee conversations, and more.

Now, I’d like to give you all an idea of what to expect this year from UCC. There are some key areas I’d like to push this year with the committee’s help, and a line up of events that we’re excited for and hope you will be too — if there’s something you wish we had lined up, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

1 My priorities for 2021

Club culture
UCC can offer tremendous value to our members, but is hard for many students to get into. Every non-essential step between a mild interest in computing and getting your hands dirty should be removed. Touching UCC’s systems should not be seen as “a wheel thing”.
Room renovations
We’ve just had our tenancy contract renewed, and the room is crying out for some TLC. This year is an ideal time to refresh the UCC clubroom.
Improved presence
UCC has a history of under-promoting events, both with posters and social media. We can do far better, and in 2021 I’d like to see us actually do so. It’s early days, but we now have an instagram account.
More club collaboration
Late last year we started running more joint events with more clubs at UWA, let’s keep this effort going!

2 The event lineup

Look forward to a raft of events throughout the year! We’ve already had some tech talks and an Artemis LAN, and we don’t plan on slowing down!

2.1 Tech Talks

Coming up in our Tech Talk series we have

  • Wk.4 (this) Tuesday [23rd Mar] 5:30pm. Intro to Linux pt. 2 — setting up a server.
  • Wk.5 Tuesday 5:30pm [30th Mar]. Intro to Git, version control — “track changes” on steroids, for all your files
  • Wk.6 Tuesday [6th Apr] 5:30pm. Intro to Linux pt. 3
  • Wk.8 Tuesday [27th Apr] 5:30pm. Introduction to LaTeX — the prettiest PDFs you’ll see, and the standard for published work in the mathematical sciences.
  • Wk.9,10,11 TBD

2.2 Charity Virgil

Wk.5 Saturday 4pm–Sunday 10am [3rd–4th Apr]

Coming to you from UCC, Unigames, UniSFA and PCS we have a night of fun and games, including: Movie screenings, Video games, RPG oneshots, board games, logic competitions, debates, a raffle, and pizza.

Pop in at any time with plenty of spare change for charity which you can use to give yourself completely unfair advantages in the activities.

[FB Event with more info]​

2.3 VR Night

Wk.6 Friday [9th Apr] 3:00pm

With (once again) free Pizza for Freshers from 2021 and 2020, come by to play with our Vive! We have super hot, beat saber, keep talking and nobody explodes, and other non-vive games we’ll be putting on. It should be a blast 🎮.

2.4 Build and Break a PC

Wk.7 Tuesday [20th Apr] 5:00pm

UCC likes to keep our hardware up to date. So, every year we rebuild some of our oldest PCs. Come a long to learn about the internals as we take our old desktops apart and put together some new ones.

If you’re curious about building your own computer, if you bring some parts and we’ll happily help you out while too, if you’re looking for advice/tips/troubleshooting we’ve got that too!

Hope to see you around, and have a great 2021!

UCC President

Date: 2021-03-14

Author: TEC

Created: 2021-03-23 Tue 14:26