Hello UCCans!

A lot has happened since the last Email, so let’s get you up to date!

1 Tenancy news

I’m am ecstatic to announce that UCC has recently had our appeal to keep our clubroom (i.e. not be evicted) upheld by the Guild Executive.

This marks the end of a several month-long saga, with the best outcome we could have hoped for. Congratulations to us all, and I’d like to thank everyone that had a part in this process - from drafting emails to statements of support — their efforts have successfully brought us a renewed three-year tenancy agreement!


2 Help us improve

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, this only makes it more imperative that we try to rebuild engagement.

I’ll be frank, UCC seems to have had a rocky record with this as of late.

So, we’d love to hear from you about what we’ve done right, what we’ve done wrong, and (most importantly!) what you think we can do to improve. Please, drop an email to [email protected]. Don’t hesitate, or hold back.

3 Events

3.1 Oct 9th, Weekly Friday Catchup

Wander into UCC for a relaxed catch up with other UCCans. Chat about your week, your personal projects, and (this week only) watch the account locking script do its’ work.

3.2 Oct 10th, UWAnime+UCC Relay For Life

Run, jog or even just stroll around Oak Lawn for the good cause of fundraising to helping cancer patients and their families find a brighter future.

  • Saturday 10th October 12:00PM to Sunday 11th October 12:00PM
  • $40 registration fee

[facebook event]​

3.3 Oct 22th, Cam Hall Quiz Night 2020

  • Collaboration between UWAPanto, Unigames, UCC and UniSFA
  • From 7-9 PM on October 22nd at the UWA Tav
  • 10 rounds of 10 questions, with prizes up for grabs
  • 8 person tables, $15 (early beard special, $18 later) per ticket, $120 per table

[facebook event]​

3.4 Nov 20th–23rd CAMP in 3D

  • UniSFA, Unigames, and UCC are teaming up to bring you a monster CAMP.
  • We’re running games, book clubs, LARPs, TED Talks/Rants, and a quiz night!
  • There’s a little bit on offer from every club!
  • There are limited spaces, Tickets are on sale in the clubroom.
    • Earlybird: $100; After Nov 6th: $110

[facebook event]​

3.5 Tech talk — UCC from home; an intro to remote access

Find out how to access UCC from outside UCC (this also works for UWA).

Tell me more james!

4 Get involved with tech projects

There’s always computery-stuff happening at UCC (funny, that). Don’t miss out on the chance to get involved with some of our current projects, and have some fun trying out something new while developing new skills.

Just drop an email to [email protected] or ping @wheel on our discord to get started!

4.1 Create an iCal based email reminder script

Help upgrade the UCC event reminder system from cron jobs to a nice and modern iCal based system which reads iCal files and sends out reminder messages when appropriate.

4.2 Set up an Ansible script for idle VMs

At UCC we like to make use of our idle computing power on our servers — there’s a lot you can do with 32 CPU threads and 128GB of RAM. Take this opportunity to try out a way of deploying systems by working on an Ansible automated deployment script for a virtual machine to give members access to unused compute power.

4.3 Help upgrade the Vending machine server

UCC is the proud owner of the first internet-connected vending machine(s) on campus! However the scripts UCCans developed could do with a revamp!

4.4 Coke machine rebuild

Take a look at the innards of UCC’s drink vending machine, and get involved with the fabrication of a replacement refrigeration unit.

4.5 Backup server rebuild

Upgrade and install for the machine that receives offsite backups of critical UCC systems.

Can you see yourself wanting to setup a cost-effective backup solution for your computer(s)? You could end up finding this useful prior experience. Here’s an excerpt from one provider:

Special “borg accounts” are available at a very deep discount for technically proficient users.

4.6 Keyboard library

Let’s take stock of our keyboards, what is popular/useful that we don’t have. let’s make a list of what we do have. suggest new purchases to committee.

4.7 Take stock of clubroom machines

let’s take stock of our clubroom machines, find what is working and what isn’t, identify things that need to be upgraded, suggest most cost effective purchases to committee

Date: 2020-09-14

Author: TEC

Created: 2020-10-05 Mon 21:49