1 Preparation

1.1 To-do list

  • Book stall
  • Pay for stall
  • Gather gazebo and other equipment
  • Clean clubroom
  • Call for volunteers
  • Ensure 2021 sign ups can happen easily (uccpass)
  • Door meeting

1.2 Attractions

We worked out some things in last meeting, will need to check minutes

1.3 Standardised O-day experience

Create numbered signs around the room museum-style to direct freshers around (except for Account) Also distribute to door members as a hey, if you’re looking for things to point out to freshers: here are some ideas kind of thing.

  1. Account (just do, no need to label)
  2. Dispense/coke machine
  3. Machine Room
  4. Tool cupboard, projects bench
  5. 3D printer
  6. Upcoming events
  7. Wifi
  8. Webcams (they’re for security, and ’is room open’ check)
  9. Door, computer use priorities
  10. People to talk to when computer issues
  11. Fresher welcome + other near events
  12. Eggman, it’s cool!

1.4 Run the projector, have stuff up

  • Upcomming UCC Events
  • The big general Cameron Hall events
  • Cool things you can do at UCC
  • Other tech clubs

Should also put stuff on whiteboard

1.5 Directions to Cameron Hall

Print “arrow posters” and plaster around

2 Useful Material

  • Fresher Guide 2021 (PDF)
  • UCC Poster (PDF)
    • In leaflet form (PDF)

Date: 2021-01-25

Author: TEC

Created: 2021-01-25 Mon 14:48